Friday, February 27, 2009

About me

This is where I post information about myself so you can better relate to me when you read what I post. My name is Sarah. I'm turning 32 this year. I'm digging the 30s much more than I enjoyed my 20s. I've been married for almost ten years and I have three daughters: Zoe is 7, Abigail is 5, and Madeline is 3. There is another baby on the way; perhaps this time we've figured out how to make a boy.

I'm pretty laid back about most things. I have, I think, an awesome sense of humor. Others may not agree. I tend to find humor in most things and make myself laugh a lot. I get caught doing stupid things because I get lost in my own head. That's fine- if I can make someone else laugh too? That just makes for an even better day.

This blog will be pretty random. Some days, funny pictures, some other days, odd websites and still other days, I might feel it necessary to wax eloquent on whatever topic has invaded my head for the time. Could be kids, could be politics, could be a philosophic insight on the deeper meaning behind the unused phone jack on the baseboard of the wall. Of course, I'll probably follow it up with a picture of a cat with a caption.

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